Addition to the Bucket List

By edgin | August 27th, 2009
Reading Bill Simmons I’ve found something to add to the sports bucket list …

Do something at a college or professional sporting event that gets you referenced in an article about the game.

Like for example had Matt actually tackled Charles Rogers at the end of that game instead of slapping his shoulder pad that would have likely made the newspaper and probably a sport center clip.

Or for example had I passed out at the KC Chiefs game walking down the stairs tumbled down fell over the railing and rolled onto the field that would have made the newspaper and definitely youtube to which Denver acquires me to be the back-up punter only to then release me after I complain that the coach hurt my feelings.

Or for example had anyone else in the world been watching that Iowa – Michigan State game (which definitely was NOT the case) pelting the Mich St. fans with paper could have borderline got in a local newspaper article.

Or for example had Mike stormed the field and blocked old balls mcgee’s field goal against the dolphins in Minnesota by laying out in front of the holder at the last minute, picking the blocked kick up, shedding two would be tacklers, 4 more security guard and ran it back for a score … that would have definitely made the news!

 Something to think about…


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